Thanks for the good wishes, Owlright. I know it sounds unhealthy. And believe me, I’ve thought about that a lot. What gave me the idea was a friend describing her similar agreement with her husband, and me thinking, “Wow! that sounds so friendly!” My relationship, on the other hand, felt adversarial about sex. So I decided to try to be a friend to my husband, rather than an adversary. I’m not saying it’s for everyone. But for me, once I made that decision, I was better able to give and receive love. Given women’s significant sexual oppression over the ages, and my personal sexual oppression, it took a leap of faith. And central to that leap was my belief that my husband is essentially a good man. It’s a complex topic that still interests me, though. I might write a story about it, and try to dig a little deeper…

Update: thanks also for the inspiration! :) That story is here.

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Tree hugger. Tour guide. Top Writer. Feminist. Newly-baptized Bay swimmer. Editor of Fourth Wave.

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