Thank you so much for reading and responding. The food was peculiar, it’s true! They were special things I wouldn’t normally eat or buy, so they made me feel pampered. And the soap opera I watched on television, even though the events sound scary, were actually kind of silly since the acting isn’t great and the sets are inexpensive and the plots are preposterous, so the action doesn’t seem real. I had been watching that soap opera since I was a teenager, so it comforted me to lie in bed and watch “my program” and eat gourmet food. It made me feel taken care of.

It’s true my friend’s abortion was hard to write and hard to see. I’m sorry it was a hard read. But I didn’t want to gloss over the difficulty, as if it were nothing. It isn’t nothing. Nor is carrying a child to term and raising it, or giving it up for adoption. That’s why I believe women must make these hard choices for themselves, not outsiders.

Thank you again for reading. ❤

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