In my opinion, your mom should be in a mental hospital. I have a close relative who is mentally ill and I understand the impulse to let her live with you and try to take care of her, but it sounds like her presence is affecting you (and no doubt your daughter) in a negative way. Plus, she is unlikely to get better in your home. She needs medical attention. After eight months in a locked psychiatric unit my relative was much improved — friendly, comprehensible, not delusional. When he was released, he did better. You could think of hospitalization as giving her an opportunity to get well. Besides being homicidal or suicidal, being “gravely disabled” also qualifies as a reason to be taken to a hospital against your will. If you’re willing to consider this option, go to your county’s Behavioral Health Department and talk to a someone about how to get help for your mom — whether she wants it or not. Good luck and bless you.

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