I'm guessing it's because Germany doesn't make people get a BA before training for a good job? As I said in the piece, Emily doesn't have a BA, yet she will be paid to learn how to be a surgical nurse, a good profession. My niece in the U.S. is a wonderful assisstant in kindergarten. Her principal can't wait for her to get a teaching credential so he can hire her. But first she has to get a pointless BA, which costs money and wastes time, before she can begin the credential program, all while working full time. Why can't she test in?

Thanks though for reading and responding.

I will endeavor to find out if your tax numbers are correct. (I don't think they are.) And I'll ask Emily about who goes to college in Germany, and when it's decided. My friend who lives in England had a husband who was put on the non-college track there, but that was at age 16, and he circumvented that decision via study and testing. I suspect its the same in Germany. Whereas in the U.S., if you aren't going to college, you're out in the cold. No training is offered to become an electrician, plumber, teacher, etc. Many drop out. Which system is better? I'd opt for the one that gives training options without requiring taking on huge debt.

Anyway, will report back!

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