I was just reading several solutions for how to fix the Supreme Court in the NY Times. If the GOP hadn't stolen 2 seats, we'd still have a 5-4 liberal majority. There is nothing fair or just about manipulating the court as they have, and it does not represent the will of the people. Here's the NYT piece: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/27/opinion/supreme-court-reform.html.

I also like an idea I read on Medium: impeach and remove Thomas and Kavanaugh, who apparently lied under oath during their confirmation hearings. I'd love to get rid of those misogynists. But I'm not sure we have the political will for more impeachments. Still, there are options. If Dems win the WH and the Senate, we will fix this gross miscarriage of justice and put a stop to legalized hate. I pray that will be the outcome.

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