I recently came up with a test I thought might be helpful to men trying to understand what is sexually appropriate and what isn't. "Would you do this to Dwayne ('the Rock') Johnson?" If the answer is no, don't do it to your companion. It's never right to take advantage of someone's physical weakness to force yourself on them. Mutual respect is the basis of all fair relationships.

Your son might say, "I wouldn't want to have sex with The Rock." And your response would be, "But if you did. If you did and he changed his mind mid-date, would you force yourself on him?"

Tell your son you want to be proud of him and it’s time for him to grow up and be a real man: someone with strength and integrity. After writing this comment, I expanded it into a story over here: https://medium.com/fourth-wave/the-dwayne-the-rock-johnson-test-df796e426251

Good luck with your son!

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