I like the way you’ve labeled the two sides: “power as morality” vs. “amorality.” Dworkin definitely could see the rot on both sides. In the introduction to Hot Slit, Johanna Fateman discusses Dworkin’s book Right Wing Women, noting “her use of the misogynist cruelty of the Right as a foil to the sexist betrayals of the civil-libertarian Left — each side harbors a virulent strain of antifeminism, and she doesn’t really have a preference.”

When considering the Left vs. Right today, I’m reminded of this line from Yeats: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity.” That lack of conviction (or amorality) on the Left is just as damning to us plebeians as the “power as morality” on the Right.

Re: porn, you can’t disparage it without being labeled uncool, as I found out when I wrote about a billboard that offended me: https://medium.com/invisible-illness/spanking-billboard-sucks-1e22c89966d3?source=friends_link&sk=d9eef4d417dde2d5a18878323942f654

I got a lot of hate from old men about it, which I responded to here: https://medium.com/writing-heals/to-the-trolls-under-the-billboard-221a75e5154a?source=friends_link&sk=5fdb32f1075d39bdb1a328f16fcb1f26.

They don’t want their images of demeaned and sexualized women to be taken away! Younger people were silent or said I was overreacting. Some older women agreed with me, but only in private. They weren’t eager to enter the fray. I found Dworkin’s outrage depressing and inspiring at the same time. She was a bonafide warrior, the likes of which we rarely see.

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Tree hugger. Tour guide. Top Writer. Feminist. Newly-baptized Bay swimmer. Editor of Fourth Wave. https://medium.com/fourth-wave

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