Or how I came to fall in love with my husband and start our family on solid ground

On our wedding day on the San Francisco Bay which was actually 37 years ago, but who’s counting?! :p

How old footage of my family helped me see my mother through a new lens

My family at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz, California, in 1959. I’m on the far right. Photo courtesy of Patsy Fergusson

And tell the world’s richest man to find his soul

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

There are so many reasons that I hate Jeff Bezos

  1. My husband…

Thirsty Work — Chapter 20

Photo by Efren Barahona on Unsplash

Because Sex and Love are two different things

Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash

Thirsty Work — Chapter 19

Photo from askideas.com

With each humane act, rampant hate gets diminished

Photo by Divyansh Chhablani on Unsplash

Thirsty Work — Chapter 18

Photo by Joe Pilié on Unsplash

Patsy Fergusson

Tree hugger. Tour guide. Top Writer. Feminist. Newly-baptized Bay swimmer. Editor of Fourth Wave. https://medium.com/fourth-wave

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