1. Men don't need to pretend to be transwomen in order to hurt women. They are quite capable of doing it as men. If a man wants to walk into a ladie's room and rape a woman, he doesn't need to put on a costume to do it. The spectre of men passing as women in order to harm women is a trumped up boogieman that doesn't exist.


2. I didn't say children should make transition decisions themselves. I said their parents know better than strangers what's best for their child.


3. I agree that people shouldn't be harassed on social media. By calling me authoritarian and implying I'm stupid you are engaging in the behavior you say is wrong.


4. I am from the U.S. and unfamiliar with the U.K. law. If JKR writes a blog about it, I'll respond to that. But this wasn't that.

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Tree hugger. Tour guide. Top Writer. Feminist. Newly-baptized Bay swimmer. Editor of Fourth Wave. https://medium.com/fourth-wave

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